Green Room prepares for 12 Angry Jurors

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Ian Doyle

Staff Reporter

Theater begins preparing for their production set to begin on Feb. 18 in the Black Box

This February, the Green Room Theater company will be putting on the show 12 Angry Jurors in the Black Box Theater.
Green Room is putting on a new show that will get students involved in another after school activity. The show will be performed on February 18 through 21. The cast and crew are getting the show ready now to perform it for the school.
“The show is about 12 angry jurors. Its main focus is the way individuals can be swayed when in a group,” said Tihomir Krastev, the student technical director.
The story will be of 12 jurors trying to come to a decision on a murder case.
“It’s about a jury in modern time trying to determine the fate of a 19 year old boy accused of stabbing his father,” said the director Clare McConville.
There will be a new aspect to the show for Green Room’s production as well. The show will be different from other showings of the play because it will be set in 2016.
“We are doing this show in modern time period instead of the 50s, and the set and references will reflect that,” Krastev said.
Students at North have the opportunity to construct the show, which includes making the props, stage, costumes, and anything else the show needs.
“Think that we’re probably going to have the costumes done well, and considering that we build all of our sets ourselves, I think that we’re going to have a completely new take on what the show looks like and what the scenario might have been,” said Simon Kasemeier, who plays the sixth juror.
Students in Green Room also attended Theater Fest held at Illinois State University in January, which can help people learn all about putting on a show.
“Students attend Theatre Fest for a variety of different reasons, including to improve upon their technical and acting skills and to view all of the amazing shows.” Krastev said.
Tickets to the show will be eight dollars for adults and six dollars for seniors, students and children. They will be sold through