Teachers, parents share high school experiences with their children

keaskowskisb&wIt’s 7 a.m. The birds are chirping, and students suddenly realize it’s a school day. Generally students take the bus, but not Payton Bertermann or Brandon Keaskowski. They drive to school with their parents.
“(Going to school with my mom) is very cool and different than I thought it would be,” said senior Brandon Keaskowski.
On a typical day heading to work, parents say goodbye to their kids and wish them to have a good day at school, but not all do that. Some parents have their kids going to the school that they work at.
“I personally love (working at my daughter’s school). I drive her to school. I know her friends. We talk about everything. We simply have a good relationship,” said science department chair Laura Bertermann.
Students like the fact that they have their parents work at the same school that they go to. They even have advantages knowing their parent works there.
“Going to school with my mom changes the high school experience, but overall it is a good thing. I get to make my lunch in her office, and if I ever need her, she’s always there for me,” said Payton Bertermann.
Parents usually expect their kids to do well at school without worrying about them while being at work. On the other hand, students want to be rebels at school vs being at home with their parents, but knowing their parent teaches at their school might change their actions.
“My mom is always on my case like checking my grades,” said Brandon Keaskowski.
Parents actually like the fact that they teach at the same school that their kids go to. They have advantages, such as seeing them all day long not just as home.
“(I have many advantages) seeing them all day long, knowing they go to a great school. They both become involved in clubs such as Best Buddies, and (most importantly), I adore them,” said special education teacher Kimberly Keaskowski.
On the other hand, students may or may not like the fact that their parents work at the school that they go to. They have disadvantages knowing their parents go to their school.
“(Some disadvantages) are she is always emailing my teachers and teachers always threaten to email my mom,” said Brandon Keaskowski.
Most parents that go work at the school that their kids go to end up checking on them throughout the day. They see if they are rebels at school or act the same like they do at home.
“I don’t watch over her. She’s a very well rounded girl. (Always) on top of her grades and always nice. She’s a really great kid,” said Laura Bertermann.
Parents that work at their kid’s school must feel lucky to be able to see them all day not just at home. They can embarrass them as much as they want not just at home but also at school.
“(I embarrass) them on purpose. I don’t embarrass the oldest, but I do embarrass Andrew. He’s always quiet,” said Kimberly Keaskowski.