Cheer competition season right around the corner

The competition season has just begun for the cheerleaders, and they are rising to the stand.
Competition season officially begins in October, but that doesn’t stop the girls from cheering on the football team.
“Since the competitions are only a few months away, of course cheering on the boys is still exciting, and we hope to see them go far in the playoffs,” said sophomore Angelica Diaz.
Competition season is taken much more seriously than football season withholding huge challenges for the girls to achieve.
“I like to describe football season as the “eye of the storm” because it’s the more calm part of our season, but competition season is more fun for us but also a lot more stressful compared to football. Competition season really has no more room for mistakes like football season can have. It’s our BIG season,” said sophomore Hillary Lewandowski.
The girls are very excited and cannot wait for the season to begin and to represent Grayslake North in six competitions. They hope to continue into State as they have in the past.
“We are really pushing ourselves more, so achieving better jumps and stunts and tumbling can help us raise our score in the long-run. We are conditioning harder as well to increase our strength and stamina. We want to place at State and do the best we possibly can to improve,” Lewandowski said.
As their competition season starts, cheerleaders are being challenged to their absolute best to prepare.
“We drill more of the little things like have amazing jumps, tight motions, and loud but clear voices so when competition season does come around then it’s easier to focus on the things that aren’t as easy as those other things,” Lewandowski said.