Soccer fights in Regional semifinals


The boys varsity soccer team is finishing their season off on a high note by winning five games in a row.
One of their most exciting games was against rival Grayslake Central with a 3-1 victory.
“Our win against Grayslake Central [was an outstanding game]. The entire team showed that they really wanted it. We played our hearts out,” said junior Cristian Guerrero.
There are many competitive players and scorers on the varsity team. They gave it their best and never gave up when it came to competitive games.
“Sean Dameron has had an amazing season and is also our leading scorer,” said senior Julian Jimenez.
Even though the season is coming to an end, they still take time from their day and show up to practice and prepare for the win.
“We simply continue to work on our strengths and weaknesses in hopes that they can become as strong as possible prior to postseason play, which starts on Oct. 17,” said coach Adam DeCaluwe.
Since the boys varsity team has faced many competitive games, they still manage to be very proud of their season overall.
“I’m proud of how we’ve come together as a team. We started out pretty bad but picked it up right when we needed to,” Guerrero said.