New GNASA club grabs attention of young student astronomers

Grayslake North’s Astronomy and Science Aficionados (GNASA) is an organization that was established in the winter of 2014, comprised of students who are fascinated to learn more about the universe and spread their knowledge to others.
“We’re a place where everyone is accepted, and if you have any interest in the stars, space, or anything science related, GNASA is the right place for you,” said creator Connor Sinclair.
The club has many aspirations for the new school year. Members have already hosted a stargazing party on October 11, where the members located and observed constellations.
“When you look up at night, you never really study the stars; you just see them. Something about truly observing them is both peaceful and exciting at the same time. I even saw my first shooting star,” said senior Jake Onarhyme.
They are currently planning on attending the movie The Martian and look forward to giving an astronomy seminar to Avon students.
“The members of GNASA are individuals that are minded toward the universe and its diversity,” said club sponsor Paul Holder.
Astronomy Club is student organized and has members from all different classes, age groups, and social circles.
“I don’t think I’ve seen a club more diverse than ours. I was surprised to see people from all ages and genders come to our meetings and our events,” Sinclair said.
In order to create the group, students used social media and other methods to recruit others that were also fond of the idea. The aficionados are looking forward to inspire and connect with more people that possess the same interest in space and science.
“It was eye opening and very self-fulfilling knowing that I had the power to connect people who had otherwise not had anything in common,” Sinclair said.