Students experience new culture

The Share America exchange students from Spain arrived on September 2, to stay with their sponsors here at Grayslake North.
“This is my first year hosting a student from Spain, but it’s already been a great experience,” said sophomore Andrew Keaskowski.
The students are given the opportunity to experience a different culture during their stay.
“They come to school with us on Wednesdays and Fridays, but on the other days they go to Chicago and do different things down there,” said sophomore Shaye Hudson.
Students at North who aren’t hosting a student from Spain experience the new culture and look forward to future students coming.
“I don’t have a student from Spain staying with me, but Alevaro is so cool! It makes me want to host one in the future,” said sophomore Sebastian Sancen.
For the students from Spain, this is a whole different world.
“I love experiencing a new culture. I get to go to Chicago and go shopping, and go to an American school,” said Alevaro Montes. “I love trying new food here as well.”
Hosting a student is almost as enjoyable as actually being the student coming to America.
“Even though I’ve never hosted an exchange student before, I couldn’t have imagined a better experience,” Hudson said.
Even though the students have such a short amount of time together, they plan on continuing their friendship.
“I plan on staying in touch with Alervo even after he goes back home,” Keaskowski said.