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Trio app creates media mashups

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Social media has become a huge part of everyday life. Many people would agree that they have many favorite apps that they use on a daily basis.Some are a success and others are just there. There are also over 300 apps added to App Store, Google Play and other app holders each day.
Recently, a new app has been added to app stores called Trio. Meograph, the company that created the app, released it in March of 2015.
“[We released Trio] a few weeks ago, in March 2015,” represenative Misha Leybovich said.
The description on the app store explains it as a creative, fun and easy way to make media mashups. Users can mix together videos, music, pictures and gifs. Users are also able to use other people’s media from Vine, Instagram, and Giphy to create their videos.
Meograph created Trio. The creators strongly believe it’s the next big thing.
“Right now, making videos is hard and requires that you do interesting things and or be good at coming up with short skits. With Trio, which uses other people’s media, it becomes easy,” Leybovich said.
Meograph, has been around for three years but has been working on producing the Trio app for one year. Leybovich says it was a long process, but it was all worth it in the end. Included in the process was a lot of designing for the app’s looks, testing the app to make sure it works properly and feedback from users.
Leybovich explained that when the app came out, they were all thrilled.
“[We were all] definitely excited to see how Trio does in the wild,” Leybovich said.
The company is estatic with their growth of the app and hopes the app keeps improving. The app creators produced goals for the new app.
“We aim to be a top 5 photo- video app and be the leaders in mashups,” Leybovich added.
Since they are connected with videos, pictures, memes, gifs and other apps, copyright is an issue that Trio has worked through. They’ve hired a man who had been GC for LucasFilms for 16 years to help them with copyright. He invested in the app/company, and they liked his approach.
“We get most of the content through public APIs; no issue there. The copyrighted material we use qualifies as fair use because it’s short, derivative and commercially noncompetitive. Beyond that, we credit and link to all original sources which actually ends up driving a bunch of traffic and sales for the original content owner. Think Pinterest (same model), but in video form,” Leybovich said.

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Trio app creates media mashups