Lauren on Life


March is an exciting time, with St. Patrick’s Day, Shamrock Shakes, and maybe, possibly spring. It really can’t come soon enough. There is a lot of things to look forward to in the next month. But what is on most girls’ minds this month? Prom. More than dresses, shoes, and tickets though, the promposal is on everyone’s mind. What is a promposal, you ask?

A promposal is an “elaborate and public proposal to take somebody to a high school prom, modelled on traditional stylized marriage proposals,” the promposal has higher standards every year. People look forward to this month and go crazy for the cute, creative ways people get asked. Even people who don’t get asked still bubble up with excitement when someone else does. Public flash mobs, signs, songs, and announcements surprise the most unsuspecting girls. Every year people try to one up the next person to have the most tweetable proposal. Although it doesn’t make or break a proposal, hopefully, the promposal gets everyone hyped for one of the most eventful nights of the year.

You may not get the chance to ask someone on top of the Eiffel Tower; that was already done. Last year, students on the AP Euro trip took advantage of being in the “city of love” to pop the big question. Unless you can hop on a plane to France, you’re stuck in the “Land of Lincoln”. It might also be a little hard to get on the jumbotron at nationally televised basketball game.

On top of the promposal comes excitement and stress. With the perfect dress, and the perfect hairstyle. Everything has to be perfect. Pinterest popularity is at an all time high. It’s true that planning is important, but at the same time, don’t stress too much about the minor details. Whether or not you get asked and whether or not the shoes match the dress, it won’t change the memorable moments that come with prom. What matters is the time you spend with the people who matter to you. However, do make sure the pocket square is on point and the corsage is ordered ahead of time.