Winter Fest debut

For Winter Fest being weeks ago, there is still talk of it in the hallways about how much fun the changes that the staff had made were.
“This year, we changed up the name to Winter Fest and incorporated some additional elements to make it feel more than just a dance. We had a VIP seating area and a giant blow up Twister game. We’ve been trying to get away from the “turnabout” tradition for many years and instead focused on selling the idea of Winter Fest as a fun night out with friends. Kids could dress up or dress down, come with a date, a group of friends, or fly solo. We also had Winter Fest in the field house (instead of the aux gym) for the first time, which was a welcomed change,” said Senior Class sponsor Denise Franta.
The changes from this year to last year were more than just the objects that the Senior Class put out there.
“The kids stayed on the dance floor the entire time! Overall, I think it was an improvement from last year,” Franta said.
Many students had complimented the dance and how original it was.
“I thought the VIP section was so cool,” said freshman Brianna Kramer. “I never thought they would have couches to chill on at a dance!”
With the overwhelming amounts of compliments on the music choices, it seemed to be favored over the Homecoming music this past October.
“Winter Fest was so much better music-wise. They played music that you could actually dance to, even if you didn’t have a date,” said freshman Abbey Guenther.
As everyone knows, the after part can be one of the best parts of the night.
“I went to my date’s soccer game afterwards and then to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat. I didn’t need a party to have fun afterwards; we just kind of did our own thing,” said freshman Sam Kottmer.
Each year, the sponsors look for feedback for the next year.
“We are always looking for suggestions and input for next year,” Franta said.