Cheer looks for sucess in competition season

The Cheering Knights are ready to compete during the competition season. Varsity’s first competition was December 7 at Crystal Lake Central. JV’s first time out will be at Rolling Meadows on December 20. The 21 varsity girls on the team have been practicing since the summer in preparation of their favorite season.
“The winter season just started, and within a week of getting our routine, we are already improving and starting to hit things more consistently. It’s exciting to see our routine coming together!” said freshman cheerleader Lauren Magri.
Not only are the girls excited, but head varsity coach Jennifer Garza is too.
“All football season we have been working very hard to get ourselves prepared for competition season. We have been conditioning, working our skills, and trying to perfect our elite stunts,”
The girls have been trying new things, improving skills, and bonding together as a team.
“It’s bittersweet being my last year. I keep having my last football game or last basketball game, and I know I won’t be able to do this stuff again. But I’m excited for what the season holds. This year, since we’re large division, our biggest goal is to make it to State and hopefully day two. It’s going to be difficult, but if we continue at the pace we are going, we will make it,” said senior Olivia Tinsley.
The team has high expectations for themselves, about as high as they throw their fliers in the air.
“We are doing the hardest routine in the history of this program, and the team wants to be able to go out there and do it and do it well,” Garza said.
The varsity has nine freshman on the team, making them work even harder to live up to their team members’ and coaches’ expectations.
“We feel as though we have to prove ourselves and prove we deserve to be on the team. But it also pushes us that much more, which in the end, only helps us,” Magri said.
The season lasts from late October until early February, but the girls will continue cheering for basketball games.