Volleyball starts the season off fresh

New head coach, Jim Sarver, plans for success for the varsity volleyball season.
The volleyball team is looking forward to starting fresh after getting a new coach this season.
“Coaching varsity is so much different from coaching freshmen,” Sarver said.
Sarver went from coaching freshmen volleyball to varsity over the summer.
“Varsity is taking existing skills and fine tuning them, rather than teaching the basics,” Sarver said.
Sarver plans to help his team improve on quickening up their offense and improving their serving.
“It’s an action packed start of the season. We have nineteen games over the-course of the next two weeks,” Sarver said.
They participated in The Cross Town Classic on August 29. The team ended up winning the game, crushing Auburn, 25-8 and 25-15.
“Determination means learning from your mistakes and trying to improve on that every day,” Keilwitz said.
They are 5-15 in the conference this season so far.
The players are excited about helping their community and their teachers as well.
“The team plans on participating in the ALS walk. They also plan to help out at the local food bank,” Sarver said.
The varsity volleyball team is looking forward to not only a successful season, but also improving as the season continues.
“You have to take the game one play at a time. Make it one-in-a-row,” Sarver said.