Girls tennis takes season one match at a time

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The tennis team is halfway through their season. Their current conference record is 5-3, and they won fourth place at the annual Rams Invite on Sept. 13.
“As a team, our goal is to be in the top half of our conference,” said varsity tennis coach of 10 years, Jill Tomasello.
“One of my goals is to get to State,” said junior Emma Krostal.
Only a select few make it to State every year. The girls know that determination plays an important role in a tennis match.
“A motivated player who will hustle and run down the ball can beat any opponent,” Tomasello said.
Tennis requires agility and strategy. The girls have been conditioning at practice to ensure they are in shape. Aside from physical skills, the mental game is also important.
“Tennis is also a very mental sport; you can’t let the player get into your head,” said junior Gillian Mueller.
In the next couple of weeks, the girls will face Grayslake Central and Hampshire.