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The varsity softball girls took a trip to Florida over spring break to compete against different teams from throughout the United States.

The varsity team was able to choose how many games they wanted to compete in, so they chose six. They played against teams from all over, and they were rather surprised by who their biggest competition was.

“Out of our six games, we played teams from California, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Illinois. Ironically enough, the best competition we saw was the team from Illinois,” said varsity coach Molly Tomlinson.

The varsity team had high expectations for this team. They knew they were up against a definite challenge, so they made sure to let their determination take over their mindset.

“I think our biggest competition was Fenwick High School. From what I had heard, they were champions of their Regional and Sectional last year, so that was a game we really needed to step up mentally and physically. It was important that we didn’t just give up right away since we knew they were a good team. We fought the entire game,” said sophomore Jessica Vaughn.

This was the first time that varsity had ever taken a trip to Florida. The players participated in various fundraisers to raise enough money for the expenses toward the trip. However, the memorable experience made it worth it.

“This will be an experience I will never forget. It was fun to see all the different teams from around the country just come together and start off their seasons. It was also a great chance for the team to get to know each other more, so we were even more of a team by the time we got back to Illinois,” Vaughn said.