Bowling wins Regionals


Coming off a successful 2012-2013 season, the bowling team has continued to roll, winning Regionals, and advancing to Sectionals as a team.

The team performed exceptionally well at Regionals, highlighted by Sarah Littleton posting the highest average of all the bowlers at 211, and Jess Vaughn following in second with a 207 average.

From day one, the team has been on fire, winning all but one match, and going undefeated in Conference. Their play has been very consistent, and they are confident that they can keep their spectacular play going.

“We’re peaking at a good time. We’re working well as a team, and although individual girls can go into slumps, [we] have two subs [we] can put in if needed,” said varsity head coach Laura Bertermann.

Led by a strong core group of juniors and seniors, and a large number of freshmen, the team has performed extremely well all year, and their confidence is very high.

“The team is doing incredibly well this year. Coming off of such a successful season, we have the mentality that anything’s possible,” said varsity bowler Madi Bertermann.

Maybe the most important part of the team’s success, however, has been the way they have played as a team.

“This is the first year that all of my bowlers are bowling for the team and not for themselves as an individual,” varsity coach Laura Bertermann said. “Having that as a focus is very helpful, and that [chemistry] is really important to function well as a team.”

For standout bowler Sarah Littleton, who reached State as a sophomore last year and will have another opportunity this year, the team comradery has really helped her improve her game.

“The coaches and teammates have really helped me improve mentally. Freshman year, I had meltdowns, but this year, if I bowl a bad game, I come back and shoot a high one,” Littleton said. “We always pick each other up, and even if we’re losing, we still have fun.”

While this has been important for Littleton’s success, it has been equally important to the team’s success.

“[It] is incredibly important in bowling because if the attitude of one bowler is poor, it can easily become infectious, and the next thing you know, the entire team is down and bowling poorly. Our success thrives on picking each other up and keeping our attitude and mental game in the best shape possible,” varsity bowler Madi Bertermann said.

Furthermore, the format for Regionals and Sectionals was changed, making it harder on the team this year.

“This is the first year they’re going to a Regional/Sectional format for girls bowling. We’re going to have to go against mid-suburban league teams who have established feeder programs with their junior programs,” varsity coach Laura Bertermann said. “We’re going to need to be shooting in the 1000s or high 900s consistently because the teams coming at us [shoot] there all the time.”

However, the team has proven that it can do just that. In their Jacobs tournament, they shot 900 plus each game, and almost struck 1000 twice. They know that they have the ability to advance if they play like they know they can.

“While it is harder to make it to State this year, we all know that if we bowl our absolute best at Sectionals, we have a good chance at going to State again this year,” Madi Bertermann said.

Sectionals take place this Saturday, February 15, at Sunset Bowl in Waukegan, IL. At Sectionals, the top four teams advance to State. The next five individuals whose team does not advance will proceed to battle it out at State.

No matter the results, the bowling team has had another phenomenal year, proving that they will be a force for years to come.